Arbor & Pilot

Arbor                13216

Pilot                  13217 (3 pack)

For low cost sheet metal holemaking. Blaircutters provide fast, accurate, burr-free holes in materials up to 3/16" thick. Light-duty Blaircutters are annular cutting tools that cut around the edge of the hole and eject the center as a slug. Because they're hollow, there's no dead zone as with twist drills. Unlike hole saws, that rip and tear through the material, they quickly give you a quality, virtually burr-free hole. Blaircutters are available in seven sizes for 1/4" and larger drill chucks. Spring loaded pilot "pops" the slug from the cutter. Made in USA.

13218 Blaircutter Kit

13218 Blaircutter Kit

This kit contains all the sizes of Blaircutter plus Arbor, & 3 Pilots in a sturdy case.